About We have water on our brains.

StormWorks is a very dedicated little division of Nine Mile Run Watershed Association. We are based in Pittsburgh and we incorporated in 2010 to supply runoff mitigation products and services to Allegheny County neighborhoods.

By providing simple solutions to area property owners to mitigate stormwater damage to our water supply, StormWorks gives homeowners and businesses the products and information they need to make positive, measurable changes in their communities.

What is Nine Mile Run?

Cleaning up Nine Mile Run is what started it all. Nine Mile Run is a small stream that flows through Pittsburgh’s East End, below the neighborhoods of Wilkinsburg, Edgewood, Swissvale and the east side of Squirrel Hill. Except for a small aboveground section in Frick Park, Nine Mile Run flows almost entirely underground. But just because we can’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t important. And over the years, it has been severely polluted by storm runoff from overflowing sewers.

Nine Mile Run Watershed Association was created in 2001 with a mission is to ensure the restoration and protection of the Nine Mile Run Watershed through citizen engagement, demonstration projects, and advocacy.

StormWorks, in turn, flowed out of that mission.

  • Rain Gardens

    StormWorks rain gardens are designed to capture rainwater runoff and keep it from entering your

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  • Tree Plantings

    Trees are nature’s most efficient runoff managers. Their root systems capture water that would

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  • Rain Barrels

    Water usage increases in the summer by 30%. A great and easy way to

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